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Italy Verona - Via Prato Santo
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Via Prato Santo, Verona

Single with double bed

Room: Single room with a minimal style for students looking for a comfortable and functional solution to spend the best years of university.
The double bed is contemporary and essential and thanks to its ergonomics combined with the choice of materials, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and has been designed for exceptional comfort.
The simple and sober desk is perfectly illuminated thanks to the natural light that filters through the window.

Apartment: In the historic center of Verona, a stone's throw from the Duomo, an affordable 3-bedroom apartment.

Given the proximity to the university district of Veronetta and the Borgo Trento hospital, the apartment is ideal for students and trainees.
On the third floor of a building, overlooking the characteristic internal courtyard of the building, the apartment consists of two single rooms and a double room that can be rented as a single with private balcony, a kitchen with balcony, equipped with oven, fridge, freezer, hob and a windowed bathroom with shower and washing machine.

The accommodation also has a minigarage where you can park a scooter or a bicycle. It is possible to request a resident pass to take advantage of the public car parks located in the surrounding streets.

Code: VR_PRS15-A_S1
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