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Italy Ferrara - Via degli Armari
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Via degli Armari, Ferrara

In the PHO. ROOM Single Covid Free residence, 2 steps from Law!

Room: PHO. ROOM is a residence to live in, not just a place to sleep!
18 students, 7 apartments for 3 or 2 tenants, 2 steps from the faculties.

Experience Covid University -Free! This room, like the whole structure, has an active sanitizing filter (DUST FREE®) that reduces viruses, bacteria, molds and odors up to 99%! at the end of June you can visit.

Book your room now before it's too late!

Apartment: Apartment for 2 in the PHO. ROOM student residence.
The PHO. ROOM residence offers all its guests the comfort of apartments for 2 or 3 tenants and all the opportunities that a structure exclusively for students can offer both from the view of the study and socialization. Always in total safety thanks to the Dust Free filter that eliminates up to 99% of allergens, viruses, bacteria and odors.
The common areas are designed to encourage interaction between children and the creation of collaboration opportunities that are very useful for attend university successfully.

This apartment has:

Cooking Corner * with 4 cooking plates, oven, dishwasher, fridge and freezer
Living area * with 50 'TV, relaxation area: ideal for socializing, having fun and studying in a group.
Wifi in the apartments and common areas
Internal garden
Protected bike parking

* Cooking Corner and Living Area serve 5 guests of the residence.

Code: FE_ARM11-6_S2
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